Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday as a Good Start

It's a day to make it to Sotheby's to see the Contemporary Art. I was able to get to the Modern last week and enjoyed seeing it as well as Christie's, and from what I read they broke their record, so this brings some confidence that there is staying power with art. I found myself drawn to disparate pieces by many different eras and styles, from Leger to Van Dongen to an unknown artist that I found charming, and then on the way out saw a portrait by Van Dyck.

This is also what I must reconcile. I am really enthusiastic and passionate about so many styles and eras that it is difficult to decide upon what style is truly mine, as I delight in many. However at my latest class I am actually returning to the figure and the classics, as I really feel I didn't master what could be learned from them, they are still a continual force of inspiration, if they are really what would be called 'the great ones'.

So as I begin to experiment with sharing my search, I will try to expose this process. Please feel free to send me your comments. I will be taking some new pictures of what I have just done and post them shortly. I will leave you with a double portrait by an artist I don't know, from the 30s.